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As a provider of rental water trampolines with a decade of experience with different brands we believe Aquaglide to be the best.  These are the 5 main reasons:

  • They have a frame.  In our opinion the frame increases the life of the trampoline and maintains bounce quality.  The problem with frameless designs is the tube shrinks during temperature fluctuations causing the jump surface to lose tension in cooler conditions or over the course from morning to day to evening.  For example at 90 degrees the jump surface may be firm but at 70 degrees it may be limp and unusable.  A frame maintains the tension. 

  • Octagon shape of the frame/jump surface.  The octagon shape of the Aquaglide jump surface provides a more uniform bounce over the jump surface versus a circular design of other brands which concentrates the bounce at the center. 

  • A better slide design.  Aquagide Rebound and Plunge Slides wrap around and are secured around the trampoline tube.  This allows the slide to be useable in cooler/less inflated conditions.  Slides that extend out from the slide will bend under lower air pressure conditions and become unusable.  You’ll find yourself constantly inflating/deflating to make the slide useable.  As a rental provider this was a pain with othe brands.  Also, Aquaglide’s Plunge Slide is good for 2 persons for side-by-side fun! 

  • More attachments and flexibility.  Aquaglide offers more attachments and one can create a huge aquapark! 

  • Quality construction, product support, and enthusiasm for water fun.  Aquaglide is in the business of providing quality inflatable water park products and are always designing new fun inflatable water toys.  They even offer climbing walls that can be attached to your water trampoline.  We have found Aquaglide to stand behind their products. 



Aquaglide water trampolines provide, by far, the best bounce and are heavy duty.  They have springs and a frame that are covered with padding much like a land trampoline.  They are also heavier and better suited for long term anchoring such as over the summer season and are less affected by the wind and movement by jumping.


Bouncers such as Aquaglide Rebound series are cost effective ways to provide bounce and a lot of fun on the water while maintaining the quality, commercial grade construction of a water trampoline.  These will NOT bounce like a water trampoline; there is a big difference.  These are best suited to short term use since they are lighter; have no frames to set up.  If you are setting up on a river or planning to take with you on vacations this is the only choice. 


In our opinion the main reason to not chose a water trampoline over a bouncer is due to price or the need to assemble/dissemble frequently. 



Depends on your budget, amount of adults/kids using it at a time, and the amount of space available and conditions of your waterfront.  A larger water trampoline will require heavier, more secure anchoring than smaller water trampolines.  Keep in mind there needs to be some slack in anchor lines to account for wind and waves allowing the trampoline to swing about freely taking up much more waterfront space than just the trampoline itself.  Attachments add to the diameter of the water trampoline.  You also want to have a safe distance between obstacles such as docks, boat lifts, shallow shoreline areas, etc.  


Water Trampolines: 

  • SuperTramp 14 – 14′W x 32″H (10’1″ jump surface).  This is our most popular rental water trampoline and works great for most families.  It is ideal for 2-3 users and takes up the least amount of waterfront space. 

  • SuperTramp 17 – 17′W x 36″H (12’9″ jump surface).  This water trampoline is a great size while not taking up a lot of waterfront space.  It is ideal for 3-4 users.

  • SuperTramp 23 - 23′W x 42″H (17’3″ jump surface).  This is one large water trampoline and for those that want the biggest and best!  This is ideal for 3-5 users.



  • Rebound 12 - 12′W x 30″H.  Ideal for 2-3 users.

  • Rebound 16 - 16′W x 36″H.  Ideal for 3-5 users.

  • Rebound 20 - 20’W x 36”H.  Ideal for 4-6 users.



From our experience the slide is by far the best attachment.  If you’re going to get a water trampoline you must get the slide!  The other attachments are fun but the slide is the biggest hit amongst kids and kids at heart.  Also adding the slide takes up the least amount of space compared to other attachments. The various water trampoline and bouncer attachments designed to fit SuperTramp 14, SuperTramp 17, SuperTramp 23, Rebound 12, Rebound 16, Rebound 20 and Jungle Jim are described below.


NOTE: Each SuperTramp water trampoline and Rebound bouncer is designed to allow for attachments on four sides.  Four of the eight sides have D-rings with designation for each different attachment.  The placement of the D-rings are slightly different, however, most attachments will work on any of the four sides. The SwimStep will take one of four attachment points.  The i-Log works best on one particular side/D-ring placment.  The Slide and Blast Bag attachments can be put on most any of the four sides.  



  • SwimStep – all SuperTramps and Rebounds are sold standard with one SwimStep.  The SwimStep is the small platform that allows users to board the water trampoline or bouncer.  The SwimStep contains handles and is low to the water.  The user "whales" or slides themselves onto the SwimStep in order to climb onto the SuperTramp, Rebound, or Junge Jim.  The SwimStep can be ordered as an attachment for easier boarding on the Jungle Jim.  



  • Plunge Slide – This is the slide and attachment you want for all SuperTramp water trampolines but can also work on Rebound 16 and Rebound 20 bouncers.  This is a two person (double-wide slide) that really adds to the fun! 

  • Rebound 12 Slide – This solo slide is designed specifically for the tube diameter of the Rebound 12 bouncer. 

  • Rebound 16 Slide – This solo slide is designed specifically for the tube diameter of the Rebound 16 and Rebound 20 bouncers. 



  • i-Log 10' – Makes for a fun balancing plank and is our second most popular attachment.   Fits all Rebounds and SuperTramps.


Blast Bag (Launch):

  • Blast Bag w/Wedgie – Send the friends and family flying into the water.  It works best with difference in user weight.  Works on SuperTramp, Rebound and Jungle Jim.


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