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We offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more to those in the Continental U.S.  Sorry, we currently do not offer shipping to customers outside the Continental U.S. 



Most items are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.  However, Thursday and Friday orders will most likely not be shipped until the following week.  They may come factory direct from warehouses in Missouri or Washington State or from our location in Charlevoix, Michigan.  Most large items such as water trampolines are shipped via freight or semi truck.  Smaller items may be shipped via UPS, FedEx, or US Postal Service.  Depending on proximity to shipping centers, most freight products take 5-7 days to show up at customer door once shipped.  Smaller shipped items usually arrive sooner.  We ship just as fast as any other seller, as many of the big box providers also ship factory direct.  Our recommendation is to order two weeks or more prior to desired date of arrival.  If there is a concern for time frame, please give us a call. 


Note: For our Michigan and local customers we may personally deliver products in lieu of shipping. 



It is important to inspect your package for damage before accepting/signing for the package.  Your package is being transported via freight truck and we want you to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as the end recipient.  Things can happen between the manufacturer and your delivery location and we ask that you do the following to protect yourself as well as us.


If there is any visible damage be sure to do the following BEFORE signing for the package(s):

  • Document, Document, Document!  Write description of the damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL) or Freight Bill.  For example “box corners crushed, tears, rips, slices, etc” and be specific.  Be sure to get a copy for yourself.

  • Open package to determine if there is any damage to the item.  The box may be damaged but the product may be perfectly fine.  This happens frequently with the metal frame boxes of the SuperTramps.

  • Do not be intimidated by the freight delivery driver.  They may be under time constraints but in the event of a damage product you should have sufficient time to inspect product for damage during shipment prior to signing the BOL.

  • If product(s) appear to not be damaged sign for items.

  • If product(s) are damaged refuse delivery of the damaged items only.  For example if there are 3 boxes and 1 box is damaged refuse only the 1 box and not all 3.

  • Contact us immediately if there are any damaged products or refused shipments.


Be sure to open and fully inspect your products for damage within 24 hours of receipt.  If there is concealed damage not discovered during the acceptance of the shipment be certain to take plenty of pictures in overview and detail of the damage.  The sooner you are able to document the better.  Again remember to Document, Document, Document!  If there is any problems please contact us.


Aquaglide makes a great product and honors their warranties but in the event of shipping damage it is best for you as the consumer to thoroughly check your shipped items as stated above.


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